About us


The old-Viennese brewery house in Vienna - Wieden hast existed since 1991 and has made its mission to brew beer against the prevailing standard taste. A brewmaster from Bavaria ensures that here at the brewery house in the "Waaggasse auf der Wieden" light, malty and natural beers are served. Since different types of malts (depending on beer type) are used and mashed for brewing in the mash tun according to the German Reinheitsgebot, the beer here at the Wieden Bräu is clearly malty, but also lighter than conventional Austrian lager beers. As the beers are only served in the adjoining tavern it is not necessary to filter them after fermentation and storage. You can recognize this type of beer by its natural turbidity wich we call a "Zwickl" beer. This natural beer is due to the still existing yeast components, vitamins and trace elements healthier than a filtrated beer.

In the year 2003 the facade of the house in the Waaggasse 5 was renovated and so the Wieden-Bräu regained a modern look.

Since 7 January 2014 our restaurant has become a Non smoking eatery. Persists for our smoking guests the opportunity outdoors in our garden to smoke your cigarettes. We ask for your understanding!