Food & Drinks


Beef soup with sliced pancake €   3,30
Beef soup with liver dumplings €   3,70
Traditional Viennese garlic soup with croutons and whipped cream topping* €   3,90
Viennese potato soup with bacon, onions and mushrooms €   4,10


Fresh salads

Fresh beer radish sliced* €   3,00
Different salads as side orders* €   3,40
Wieden Bräu salad with sheep´s cheese and olives* €   8,30
Mixed lettuce saladdone with fried marinated chicken breast €   8,90
Viennese breaded chicken salad with green salad, potato salad done with pumpkin seed oil  €   9,40

Dark bread toasts

                We start serving at 14:30

Cold roast pork on dark bread with mustard and fresh horseradish €   5,80
Hot beerspread ham spread with spicy chillies and pepper au gratin on dark bread  €   5,80
Brie cheesebread au gratin with cranberry sauce* €   5,90
Tomato Mozzarella Toast on brown bread baked with Basil Oil* €   5,90
Spinach with goat cheese on brown bread with fried egg* €   6,20
Baked scrambled egg on brown bread with greaves €   6,20
Toast Milano toasted dark bread with ham, cheese, onions and tomatoes au gratin €   6,20
Braumeister Toast toasted dark bread with smoked ham, tomatoes and crispy herbs au gratin  €   6,20
Brauhouse Toast toasted dark bread with bacon, tomatoes, onions and cheese au gratin  €   6,70
Wieden Bräu Toast Platter a variety of our cold and warm dark bread toasts € 23,90
Tarte Flambée with creme fraiche, red onion, spring onions and bacon slices €   7,50
Tarte Flambée with creme fraiche, red onion, cheese and raw ham €   7,90


Pastries, beer Pretzels, side orders

Bread roll €   1,20
Beer Pretzel with salt and filled butter €   1,90
Potatoes, bread dumplings  €   2,80
French fries, potato wedges,  €   3,20


Wieden Bräu specials

Small goulash €   6,90
Sausage Munich Style with special veal sausage mustard and salt pretzel €   6,90
Potato pancake "Bohemian Style" with sour cream and salad garnishes* €   7,90
"Viennese Schinkenfleckerl" pasta and ham gratinated with cheese served with green salad €   8,90
Spinach dumplings in gorgonzola sauce with cheese au gratin served with green salad* €   8,90
Fried ham and cheese rolls with garlic sauce, salad garnish and baked potatoes €   8,90
Baked Emmentaler cheese served with tartar or cranberry sauce and salad garnishes* €   9,20
Chicken Basket done with breaded fried chicken stripes, fried mozzarella sticks and fried onion rings in beer batter
                             served with potato wedges and hot salsa and sweet and sour sauce 
€ 10,60
"Fiaker goulash" goulash with sausage, gherkins, fried egg and bread dumpling € 10,90
"Braumeister" roast in cream sauce with crispy onions pickle sandwich slices and fried potatoes € 15,90
Original Wiener Schnitzel made from veal, accompanied by potato salad with lamb´s lettuce € 17,20
"Viennese Schnitzel" breaded pork or chicken escalope served with potato salad € 10,50
Crispy chicken escalope breaded chicken escalope served with potato salad € 10,70
"Tuscan cordon bleu" filled with Parma ham and mozzarella, served with potato salad € 11,50


Wieden Bräu grill specialities

"Bernese sausage" fried sausage with cheese and bacon, coleslaw salad, ketchup and French fries €   8,60
Wieden Bräu Cheeseburger with coleslaw salad, ketchup and French fries €   8,90
Cevapcici with salad garnishes served with onion mustard and ketchup served on French fries €   8,90
Crispy chicken wings with hot salsa and pepper sauce and steakhouse chips €   9,90
XXL "Brauhaus" burger made with a juicy 250g beef patty, medium, with onions, tomato, iceberg lettuce,
                                           buger sauce and steakhouse chips
€ 14,50
Spare Ribs juice fried spare ribs, hot salsa and garlic sauce with fried potatoes  € 15,90



Tichys Eismarrillenknödel  with whipped cream 1 pieces €   3,90
Pancakes 3 pieces filled with apricot jam* €   4,60
Chocolate pancakes with whipped cream €   5,20
"Somlauer dumplings" with chocolate sauce and whipped cream* €   5,90
Baked apple slices with cinnamon sugar and vanilla sauce €   5,90
Ice cream pancakes filled with ice cream and garnished with chocolate sauce and whipped cream*  €   5,90
Hot chocolate cake with liquid core, served with chocolate sauce and whipped cream €   6,20
"Kaiserschmarren" shredded pancake with raisins served with plum sauce* €   7,20


* Vegeterian meals