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Breew seminar at Wieden-Bräu

Beer seminar at Wieden-Bräu

Our Bavarian brewmaster will teach you various aspects of the brewery business in house-brewery. The price includes the seminar script, breakfast of Bavarian veal sausages, lunch, a snack in the afternoon, beverages as well as a beer tasting.

It´s often used as a present!

Price per person: € 99,00

Next seminar dates:

  • Saturday, 14th of January 2017
  • Saturday, 18th of February 2017
  • Saturday, 11th of March 2017
  • Saturday,   8th of April 2017
  • Saturday,   6th of May 2017
  • Saturday, 10th of June 2017
  • Saturday,   8th of July 2017
  • Saturday,   9th of September 2017
  • Saturday, 14th of October 2017
  • Saturday, 11th of November 2017
  • Saturday,   2nd of December 2017
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